Occo Agate Necklace w/ Quartz Pendulum
 Love - Balance - Energy - This adjustable Agate necklace featured a Quartz point that doubles as a pendulum. It also works great as a reversed necklace because there is no clasp. Materials – Agate; Quartz; high-quality Titanium plated Brass Origin – Brazil...
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Polished Quartz Termination Slice Necklace
Amplification- Healing - Concentration - Memory -   This gender fluid necklace sits perfectly flat on your chest and will amplify the energy around you. Materials – Quartz; High-Quality Titanium or 18K Gold-Dipped Brass (no flash dipping) Origin – Brazil (handmade)
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Quartz Crystal Swing Pendant
Power - Energy - Concentration - Balance This beautiful swing pendant with a natural Quartz point is very modern and sleek! Materials – Quartz; high-quality Titanium plated Brass Origin – Brazil (handmade)
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Unisex Smokey Quartz Point Necklace
Positivity - Calmness - Protection - Wealth -   The all-natural smokey points on this Quartz necklace will offer you protection and money—making it great for business (especially if you travel or run a store). Materials – Quartz; High-Quality Titanium or...
$120.00 $60.00
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