2-Point Adjustable Amethyst Bracelet
Creativity - Intuition - Protection – Inspiration - Connection This open bangle slip-on bracelet features amazing double pointed look, like double terminated style Amethyst.  Fun and Easy to put on a wear all day. Materials – Amethyst; High-Quality 18K Gold or...
$99.00 $84.00
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3-Stone Black Tourmaline Tassel Necklace
Protection - Detoxifying - Health - This three-stone Black Tourmaline necklace hangs right down to your Solar Plexus Chakra, offering protection and grounding. Materials – Black Tourmaline; high-quality Titanium plated Brass Origin – Brazil (handmade)
$99.00 $48.00
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Black Tourmaline Pendulum Necklace w/ Glass Flower Pendant
Cleansing - Grounding - Stabilizing - Wellbeing - Protection - This Black Tourmaline Glass Flower Necklace hangs down to the center of the Solar Plexus Chakra and offers protection to those who wear it. Materials – Black Tourmaline; High-Quality 18K Gold-Plated...
$250.00 $120.00
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Double Amethyst Points Lariat Necklace
Inner Peace - Intuition - Protection – Inspiration - Power - Hanging from a 24-inch 18K gold Cartier-style chain, are two fully polished Amethyst points that make this necklace look like a Lariat. This piece is great for business and...
$120.00 $76.00
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Double Terminated Horizontal Amethyst Point Necklace
Creativity - Intuition - Protection – Inspiration - Power - Activate your Third Eye and create an open connection to the divine with this double-terminated 2-point horizontal Amethyst point necklace. Materials – Amethyst; High-Quality 18K Gold-Plated Brass (no flash dipping) Origin – Brazil...
$120.00 $78.00
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Double Terminated Horizontal Onyx Point Necklace
Purification - Transformation - Practicality - Manifestation - Metamorphoses - This necklace is a sleek and sexy must-have for enhancing truth and passing energy from the divine. Materials – Obsidian; High-Quality Titanium-Plated Brass (no flash dipping) Origin – Brazil (handmade)
$120.00 $78.00
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Double Terminated Horizontal Quartz Point Necklace
Clarity - Healing - Concentration - Memory -   The double terminated Quartz points are clean and ready for you to wear! The energy in this piece is powerful enough to transform your days and manifest what you are asking...
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Flat Polished Quartz Termination Point Necklace
Amplification- Healing - Concentration - Memory -   This gender fluid necklace sits perfectly flat on your chest and will amplify the energy around you. Materials – Quartz; High-Quality Titanium or 18K Gold-Dipped Brass (no flash dipping) Origin – Brazil (handmade)
$120.00 $84.00
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Natural 3-Point Crystal Quartz Tassel Necklace
Confidence - Healing - Concentration – Memory - Power This simple and fun 3-point Crystal Quartz tassel necklace hangs down to your Solar Plexus, amplifying your self-confidence! Materials – Crystal Quartz; 18K Gold-plated Brass Origin – Brazil (handmade)
$65.00 $48.00
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Occo Agate Necklace w/ Amethyst Pendulum
Security - Harmony - Balance - Protection - Peace - This beautiful necklace features an Occo Agate with a stunning Amethyst point that doubles as a pendulum. Materials – Agate; Amethyst; high-quality Titanium plated Brass Origin – Brazil (handmade)
$120.00 $64.00
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