6- Natural Points Golden Citrine Tassel Necklace
Creativity - Intuition - Joy - Prosperity - Positivity - This natural six-pointed Golden Citrine tassel necklace is on a 30-inch rectangular gold-plated chain (Paper clip style) and is an amazing addition to both business and casual attire. Materials - Citrine;...
$95.00 $48.00
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Large Gender-Fluid Smokey Quartz Point Necklace
Positivity - Calmness - Protection - Wealth -   The all-natural smokey points on this Quartz necklace will offer you protection and money—making it great for business (especially if you travel or run a store). Materials – Quartz; High-Quality Titanium or...
$250.00 $120.00
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Lucky #7 Citrine Necklace
Love - Wealth - Confidence - Connection - With seven Citrine crystals on this brass chain, you will enjoy the powerful luck of the number 7! This can be worn long or doubled up. Citrine will activate the Sacral Chakra,...
$95.00 $78.00
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